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Задание 45 № 45

Прочитайте текст. Заполните пропуски одним из предложенных текстовых фрагментов. Заполните пропуск А45 одним из предложенных текстовых фрагментов (1–4).


Nero, the handsome seven-year-old African lion, can obviously sense, early though it still is, that this is not going to be

just another day. (A43) _____

The courtyard outside is noisy with people carrying bottles, syringes, drugs, drips and bandages and in half an hour a

mini operating theatre is set up right on Nero's doorstep. (A44) _____

'The nerve in the tooth is now totally dead,' explains veterinary dentist Peter Kertesz, who has worked on animals' teeth

for 14 years. (A45) _____

Peter and his assistant Samantha divide their time between working with humans (Mondays to Thursdays) and treating

animals (Fridays). Under the name Zoodent International, Peter, 47, performs more dental work on animals than any

other practice in the world

1) He has spent the night in his cage, as usual, but now, when he should be wandering through the Safari Park, he‟s still here. He paws irritably at the bars of his cage.
2) As he roars his disapproval, he reveals the broken front tooth that is the reason for all this fuss. Today, the dentist is visiting the king of the jungle.
3) 'It could become infected and result in an abscess. An infected tooth may eventually kill an animal once the bacteria enter the bloodstream.'
4) 'The tinned food we feed them doesn't contain the fibre, which is a self-cleaning agent and is bad for the teeth,' says Peter.


Ответом является фрагмент 3, местоимение "it" и слово "infected" относятся к слову "tooth" до пропуска. Также далее во фрагменте встречается слово "tooth".


Правильный ответ указан под номером 3.