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Задание 42 № 102

Выберите правильный вариант перевода (1, 2 или 3) в соответствии с содержанием текста.


She Smiles a lot, laughs a lot and is generally a great advert for Capital. (5)

1. Margherita Taylor is the only female presenter at Capital Radio, one of London's top music radio stations. She got into radio while she was a student in Birmingham. Along with hundreds of other hopefuls, she and a friend queued for hours in the rain to take part in a 'Search for a Star' competition held by a local radio station, BRMB. "I had to read a travel script and a weather script, talk about myself for a minute, then introduce a record." Within days the phone call came to say that her voice had earned her a regular show on BRMB. Truly the stuff dreams are made of. After working there for 18 months, she was offered a job with Capital.

2. Margherita claims never to get nervous before a show. "You can't get nervous because then you make mistakes, she says. Of course, there has been the odd disaster. "For instance, when I did my first live concert show at BRMB, I'd only done one programme. In front of a crowd of 50,000, I went on stage to introduce a certain well-known singer. I said: "Please welcome our next performer. You know her best for hits like." Then I just went blank. There was this silence from the crowd, and for the life of me I couldn't think what she'd sung. That's one occasion that will stay with me for ever."

3. Margherita says that her own musical tastes are varied. But she doesn't pick her own music for the show. The Capital computer selects the records in advance from a list approved by the station managers. "The station has a certain sound, and if we all picked our own music, it wouldn't sound like Capital," she says."But for someone who likes music, this is a dream job. I get to go to concerts and meet the bands you can hear on my show. It's great to hear the "behind the scenes"gossip."

4. Most people would expect that a presenter's most important qualities are a nice voice and huge amounts of confidence, but Margherita says that basic maths is handy as well. "You have to make sure that you've got an eye on everything that's going on in the studio, but you've got to be able to add and subtract and think in minutes and seconds," she says. "You're dealing with timed records, and you have to be ready to switch to the news at exactly the right second. If you're going over to a live event, you need to be ready for that on time, not a second earlier or later."

5. Margherita Taylor is very nice and very easy-going, but very much in control. She is so much a "Capital Radio girl" that you might think she is just doing a good job for the station's publicity department, although you know what she's saying really comes from the heart. She smiles a lot, laughs a lot and is generally a great advert for Capital.

Задание 36 № 96

Прочитайте текст и выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий его содержанию.


What do we learn about Margherita in the first paragraph?

1) She became a radio presenter by chance.
2) She expected to win the competition.
3) She was keen to become a radio presenter.

Задание 37 № 97

Прочитайте текст и выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий его содержанию.


What do we learn about Margherita's first live concert show?

1) Being nervous was not the cause of the problem.
2) People often remind her of what happened then.
3) She had not expected to have the problem she had.

Задание 38 № 98

Прочитайте текст и выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий его содержанию.


One point Margherita makes about her job is that she

1) is unhappy that the records she plays are chosen for her.
2) likes most of the music that she plays on her show.
3) enjoys talking to the people whose records she plays.

Задание 39 № 99

Прочитайте текст и выберите вариант ответа, соответствующий его содержанию.


What does Margherita Say about presenting a show?

1) It is essential to keep in mind what is going to happen next.
2) It is more complicated than she had previously thought.
3) The content of a show is sometimes changed suddenly.

Задание 40 № 100

Определите значение указанного слова в тексте.


approved (3)

1) corrected
2) accepted
3) composed

Задание 41 № 101

Определите значение указанного слова в тексте.


handy (4)

1) skilful
2) useful
3) available
1) Она много улыбается и смеется, и в целом она фанат радиостанции «Кэпитал».
2) Она часто улыбается и смеется и все время восхищается радиостанцией «Кэнитал»
3) Она часто улыбается, много смеется, и вообще она прекрасная реклама для радиостанции «Кэпитал».


Предложение 3 - правильный вариант, "a great advert for smth" - "отличная реклама чего-либо"